Your Starlight Guide, Andreas

My name is Andreas Hornig, I am a Starlight Guide trained and certified by the Starlight Foundation, Sailor / Tour Guide and skiper.

I was born in Germany, in the Lake Constance area, but I have lived in the Canary Islands for 23 years after being fascinated by the nature of the archipelago, its people and the quality of life enjoyed here.

“I think that stargazing allows us to look at our lives and our problems from a healthier perspective, realizing how magical and immense the Universe is and how insignificant some of the small obstacles we face in our daily life are.”

In the last 7 years I have worked as a guide and whale watching captain in Ocean Explorer / port of Tazacorte (La Palma).

Astronomy and navigation have always been my passion. The starry night sky, the planets and our Solar System have fascinated me throughout my life. That is why I combine astronomy with navigation in this new project I am now launching, where I want to transmit my knowledge and my passion to other people.