Navigating with the Stars 'Bussard' Experience

'Bussard' Nautical Star Tour
Stargazing in the port of Tazacorte with professional telescopes

1,5 hours boat trip + 1,5 hours stargazing with telescopes

Private tour. Up to 12 people

English, German & Spanish

This is a experience that combines navigation with stars & stargazing with telescopes


  • 1,5 hours boat trip with the nostalgic boat BUSSARD at dusk, from the port of Tazacorte.
  • Observation of the Sun. Description of the Solar System.
  • Celestial and historical navigation.
  • Nautical stars and planets.
  • Nautical instruments: sextant, astrolabe, Compass, GPS.
  • Nautical twilight


  • 1,5 hours of observation on land with professional telescopes, right in the port of TAZACORTE.
  • Observation of the Moon, planets, stars and galaxies.
  • Description of objects and constellations with LaserPointer.

– Start and departure: 1 hour before dusk, port of TAZACORTE.

– CHARTER up to 12 people.

– Date / Departure time will be confirmed by e-mail and SMS in advance.

– Due to weather conditions, possible short-term cancellation. We will try to find an alternative appointment or the money will be paid back.

– If the client cancels the reservation, it must be at least 24 hours in advance. We will take a 20 % cancellation fee.